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Blow Pro [bloh proh]


1. A person who is an expert at the skill of blow-drying
   and styling hair:
The Blow Pro’s at MyBlowLA made our
   photo shoot a success.


Throwing a Party? Having girls night out? Bridal shower or a childrens birthday? Let us give you a hand, you can rent our entire salon (stylists included) for as many hours as you need! 


Dont have time to do your hair yourself or just dont feel like adding it to your busy schedule? Our Blow Pro's have you covered!


If you have a job so big it needs to be left to the pros but dont have time to come into our salon, give us a call and one of our Blow Pro’s will be sent to you. Being located in the “Entertainment Capital of the World”, we have done numerous photo shoots and commercials. We bring all of
the necessary tools to get the job done right and in a timely
manner. Let us help make your next production a huge success!



Call Us Today to Book Your Stylish Celebration!


Beverly Hills: 310-278-4600

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